Hotbed Expand

5 Weeks. 20 Nov - 20 Dec.

A free 5 week programme for early stage FOUNDERS raising A Seed round


What You'll Learn

Seed metrics that matter to investors

How to prioritise your spending

Cap table management

Growth levers

Customer Ops

Finding key hires

Build The Best Deck

Product roadmap

This Is For You If You Are...


RaisING Money for Your next round

You’ve raised at least £75k* and have begun preparing for your next round. *The average founder in our last cohort had raised £225k.

Customer or user obsessed

You are obsessed with creating the best version of your product and growing fast. You love making your customers' experience the best it can possibly be.

Wanting to learn from the best

We have a killer lineup on speakers who are here to help you! Our sessions are interactive, and designed to be quick and tactical.


Who is this for?

This for founders who have already raised their initial capital (at least £75k, or have £75k revenue over past 6 months), and have a product launched. We make a few exceptions for founders who are far along and have bootstrapped, but this is who will benefit most from the content. It’s really important to us that the peer group is highly relevant and useful to all <3

Does this cost anything?

No cost. We do require founders to sign a Warrant which gives us the option to invest. More on that below.

Who will I meet?

Welcome to the friendliest founder community you’ll find (we can’t prove it, but we’re sure it’s true). You’ll be connected with a cohort of talented peers, and a group of experts and scaled founders who are here to help you.

What's the time commitment?

Two hours a day, 2x/week. 11am - 1pm BST Mondays & Wednesdays


The Hotbed program combines access to leading investors with super relevant content and the support of a likeminded community. A hugely valuable resource for any founder that has played an essential role in our growth.Daniel Hemsley, Founder @ Beagle
Hotbed has easily been on of the most valuable accelerator programmes I have been on. A fantastic community with world class speakers! Oliver Bourne, Founder @ WYSPR
I can safely say Hotbed's accelerate programme has been one of the greatest learning experiences. The variety of subject matter expertise combined with workshops and pitch practice sessions allowed us to really improve the offering we provide. All whilst having a very connected network of startups and mentors discussing ideas, problems and solutions. For any early stage startups looking to upgrade their knowledge, experiences and network- Hotbed is for you!
John Doe
Bobby A, Founder @ Lobster Money


Week 1

We’ll start the programme by diving deep into what metrics matter most to seed investors, and then cover what metrics they’ll benchmark you against (I.e. Ok, they want to see revenue…but how much?)

Week 2

During Week 2, we’ll cover how to build financial models that will help you operationally and impress investors, how to manage your cap table pre and post raise, and how to prioritise your spending.

Week 3

Week 3 will be a deep-dive on your product. Our speakers will give you the tools needed to know what you should focus on, double-down on and what is a distraction.

Week 4

Week 4 is focused on creating your customer ops plan that will turn your initial users/customers into your biggest fans, and help you get and retain new ones.

Week 5

In the final week, we’ll talk about how to accelerate your growth, and how to find the top talent you need after closing your round.

Meet Your Hosts

Perdie and M are the founders of Hotbed, and will be your main point of contact during the programme. They've supported hundereds of startups, and together, will be hosting and facilitating each session. Pre, during, and post-programme, they're available to support you, connect you with other Hotbed members, and make intros to their wider network when relevant. They are also super friendly and available when you need a safe space to share any challenges that may come up.


Our programmes are free and we take no equity, as it is ESSENTIAL to us that we have the best startups join our community, not just the startups who can afford it

Our structure is different. We are making arrangements to support founders financially, so we secure the rights to invest in the startups who go through our programmes via a Warrant. Founders are required to offer us an equity warrant to give Hotbed the right (but not the obligation) to subscribe in cash for shares at the same time you obtain investment in any future round, on the terms set out below.

Our terms are simple, and you'll receive the full Warrant and terms are available here. You'll receive a full copy (via our brilliant partners at SeedLegals) which needs to be signed prior to the start of the programme.

For non-discounted rounds (like a traditional priced-round), we take a 10% discount, and we can invest up to £100k. **

*This is a discount to the subscription price paid by your investors in a particular investment round.

**No investment is guaranteed.

(The equity warrant shall apply for a period of 24 months)