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Future dates announced Winter '23

What is Founders Camp?

We created Founders Camp because as founders ourselves, we found most conferences to be too expensive and filled with people just trying to sell you something. Most content wasn't tactical and didn't feel like the best use of our time.

We wanted to create the exact opposite.

A free* one day summit just for seed (and some pre-seed!) founders. Each session on the agenda goes through the "Is this the best use of founders' precious time?" test, and we're proud to have been joined by some of the most exceptional founders and investors as speakers.

*ok, ok technically it's £5.50 but that's just to ensure attendance, and a portion is donated to charity! If the ££ is challenging, you can apply for a free ticket on the application form <3

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Past Speakers

Seb Wallace

Seb Wallace is an investor at Tripe Point Ventures and founder of Further. His portfolio includes trumpet, Skin Analytics, Learnably, Thrift+, Semble, and many more.

Anthony Rose

Anthony Rose is the founder & CEO of SeedLegals. “Father of the BBC iPlayer.” All around startup and fundraising guru (our words, not his).

Jodie Miller

Jodie Miller is an Investor at Beringea, a UK and US Series A venture and growth capital investor with ~$700m in funds under management and 60 portfolio companies. Beringea backs high growth companies with >£1m revenues, investing £2m - £8m into businesses looking for a supportive growth partner.

Beth Carter

Beth Carter is Head of Growth at Flexa, a Scout for Ada Ventures and Growth Coach focusing on B2b Sales.

Tom Foster Carter

Tom Foster-Carter is the founder & CEO of Lollipop AI, former COO of Monzo and co-founder of Curve.

Andy Ayim MBE

Andy Ayim is a founder, investor and thought leader. He’s invested in 17+ startups, and runs Angel Investment School, which has supported 350+ new angel investors.

Tesh Srivastava

Tesh is the CEO of Daedalus and is a not yet jaded startup founder with a background in FinTech and Product. He’s worked for folks with money and has founded his own startups and as an exec for others - some have gone very well, some not all.

Jeremy Ambrose

Jeremy Ambrose is the VC/Startup Partnerships Manager at Zendesk, at the Founder/Director of Entrepreneurial Spark. 

Andrew Sheffield

Andrew Sheffield is an associate at Playfair Capital and was previously a professional poker player.

Dhaval Gore

As ‘Partner Communities Director’, Dhaval supports and leads on G-P’s strategy for working with ‘community partners’ across the UK and EMEA region. Supporting accelerators, incubators, business associations and networks, chambers, and business support agencies to better serve, and speed up, their clients’ international expansion ambitions.

Dan Glazer

Daniel Glazer is an American technology lawyer, strategic business advisor, and the Managing Partner of Wilson Sonsini's London office. Dan was honored as The American Lawyer's first “Transatlantic Innovator of the Year” and UK Tech News has recognized Dan as one of London's top "International Connectors." 

Bianca Cefalo

Bianca Cefalo is the co-founder & CEO of Space DOTS, a New Space tech startup with the mission of making space qualification of advanced materials faster, cheaper and simpler. She was previously the Director of Areospace and Defense at Carbice Corporation.

Sarah Welsh

Sarah Welsh is the co-founder of Hanx, the sexual and intimate wellness brand built with real bodies in mind. She is also a doctor, and an honorary clinical lecturer at Imperial College.

Seb Worthington

Seb Worthington is the COO at Enferm, and former founder & CPO of Sequoia-backed Hmlet which raised over $45m.

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Pre-seed & Seed stage founders can apply for a ticket below.